Consulo & IMC

We are the Finnish partner of IMC, the leading full-service provider of digital learning. IMC’s innovative solutions have proven invaluable to over 1000 customers and 5 million users worldwide.


Is your organisation forever training new staff or upskilling long-term staff on new software or company processes? Did you know that employees acquire even 80% of their knowledge “on-the-job”?

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Looking for a world-class e-learning solution? IMC offers a powerful and flexible training platform and learning technology that is not only easy to use but also provides real efficiencies across all forms of training and development for your business or organisation.

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- Learning by Quizzing

People enjoy playing games and do it everywhere: whilst waiting at the doctor’s, on a train journey, or in the evening after work to relax and immerse themselves in another world. Why not use the positive power of gaming in a professional context?

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