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Rollout of new software

According to recent research, 70 % of learning takes place while employees are engaged in doing their actual work. We are confident that on-the-job learning can be dramatically improved.

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System update or process change

When existing software is being updated or the workflow requires modifications, employees tend to resist the very idea of change. In fact, users are often reluctant to get acquainted with new instructions because they believe that they already know how to use the system. How can users be motivated to learn new ways of working?

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Optimize support and training

Various studies have shown that performance support makes it possible to reduce the requests for support by 40 % and even save up to 50 % in training costs.

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Much has been written about the 70:20:10 model of learning which recognises that, roughly speaking, 70 percent of learning happens on the job, 20 percent comes from colleagues and 10 percent from formal training courses. Less is known, however,…

The significant effects of small performance nuggets

What use has further education if there is too much information within course units and if the bulk of what is learnt is immediately forgotten? Information which will not be quickly and practically applied in the real-world will shortly fall…

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