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  • an experienced partner to create tailor-made video tutorials for a specific system? Get to know our MITENVIDEO™ solution here.
  • a flexible tool for self-creating content and supporting all your organization’s systems and processes? See below to learn more about IMC Process Guide.

IMC Process Guide

IMC Process Guide helps  users solve concrete problems “on demand” and “on the job”. This on-the-job learning approach enables informal learning, reduces errors and boosts productivity.

Following  the  micro-learning  principle,  the  user  receives  small work aids, that have been customised to his needs, in form of text, videos, links  or screenshots. These compact training elements only come into effect if they are relevant for the current user demand.

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Rollout of new software

According to recent research, 70 % of applicable knowledge and skills are attained while employees are engaged in doing their actual work. We are confident that on-the-job learning can be dramatically improved.

System or process update

When existing software is being updated, or the workflow requires modifications, we all tend to resist the very idea of change. How can employees be motivated to learn new ways of working?

Support and training

Various studies have shown that on-the-job learning makes it possible to reduce the requests for support by 40 % and even save up to 50 % in training costs.

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Process Guide could save your company

The three critical stages of any performer’s journey to competency

Informal Learning and Electronic Performance Support

A guide to cutting internal helpdesk costs by 40%

Supporting informal learning can boost employee productivity. Thus, it is worth investing in a technology that can help staff in optimizing their working and learning hours – for example, an Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS).
The information your employees need in order to work more effectively is no doubt available in the company somewhere but usually hidden in a huge spider web of processes and systems.

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Learning Journey – 70:20:10

The brain accumulates 70% of its knowledge by concrete activity. A fifth comes by looking over the shoulders of others, leaving just 10% for traditional training methods: this is the core message behind the widely known and oft quoted 70:20:10 formula.

IMC Process Guide Tutorial

See how Process Guide assists a Sales person in sending out an offer.