Competency-based learning

Who doesn’t know this situation? You log into the company’s learning management system, get a list of learning contents which you, like your colleagues, are usually required to do. Learning and development based on a “one-size-fits-all” approach is still reality in most companies.

Case Study: Exel Composites

R&D Manager Kimmo says: I see this as a step towards a paperless workspace, as previously I have witnessed a lot of people printing instructions and keeping these nearby. But, with Process Guide it is easy for us to just push processes updates (changes, improvements, etc.) out to the whole organisation, making the printed copies soon out of date.

The 5 Moments of Need

A 5 Moments of Need solution enables learning in the workflow while people perform their jobs. It also reduces and optimizes traditional formal learning time (which requires employees to pause their work to learn).

The three critical stages of any performer’s journey to competency

Probably one of the most misunderstood concepts in Learning and Development is the journey our learners are on to become, and remain, competent. For too long, we’ve left them at the “door”, meaning once our training events were over, be…
organisational adoption

How to increase organisational adaption

Implementing a digital learning system can prepare your organisation to remain competitive as technology changes rapidly and markets are disrupted. The challenge is to develop effective engagement strategies to support the implementation of… - gamification as motivator Five Steps to Increasing Motivation to Learn

Five Steps to Increasing Motivation to Learn

Gamification – a magic formula that relieves training managers of all their worries? Is your organisation focused on e-learning but struggling to convince employees to take part in online training sessions? Are you constantly sending…

Video: Get rid of Google with point-of-need learning

Where do your employees turn when they need guidance in their daily roles? We’d all love to think it’s the LMS, company intranet or other designated knowledge repository.
electronic performance support _ Consulo

Can electronic performance support boost informal learning?

Much has been written about the 70:20:10 model of learning which recognises that roughly speaking, 70 percent of learning happens on the job, 20 percent comes from colleagues and 10 percent from formal training courses. Less is known, however,…
Informal learning

Whitepaper: Compliance Training in the Corporate Environment

IMC whitepaper introduces how compliance training becomes increasingly important within all industries. It outlines methods how the right compliance training leads to greater motivation, and hence, benefiting your whole company. The best practice…